Parnasala The Holiest Spiritual Symbol

Parnasala is the sacred Spot where NavajyothiSree KarunakaraGuru the Founder
of Santhigiri Ashram Initially he built a thatched hermitage and lit a lamp marking the
beginning of His Spiritual Teachings to the multitude. Sitting here, the benevolent
Guru lifted thousands of souls from their miseries and tragedies and led them to a life
of spiritual transformation. The spirituality he introduced is beyond all religions.

After the physical departure of Guru on May 6 th 1999, Guru’s sacred body was
interred in the small Parnasala according to the revelatory intimations. Subsequently,
it was decided to build a grant monument replacing the old structure. In Novemnber
1999, Her Holiness The Guru Apparent Sishyapoojitha Amritha Jnana
Thapaswini laid the Foundation Stone for the Lotus Parnasala. The Work was
complected successfully in the year 2010. The Lotus Parnasala is built with 91 ft. In
hight and 84 ft. In diameter. The Parnasala with its 21 petals(12 petals facing
upwards and 9 petals facing downwards), which denoting 12 rashis (zodiacs) and
nine grihas (planets); Represents solar system with the Merciful Guru ever residing in
it, as its guardian. Parnasala has now become a new Land Mark in Kerala attracting
visitors from all over India & Abroad where one can experience the presence of God.

Santhigiri’s Dharma of Healthcare

Santhigiri Ashram has a unique Dharma on Healthcare activities as Guru envisaged
the ‘NAVA AROGYA DHARMA SIDHANTHAM’ to the world which combined
Spirituality and different approaches to medicines, ancient and modern.

Navajyotisree KarunakaraGuru conveyed that the future mode of medicinal system
and usage of medicines will not be that of today. It is beyond the limits of human
thought and that the health Dharma Doctrine of Guru is a science of Darsan –
Spiritual Vision – Which transcends the known ideology.

Santhigiri Ayurveda and Siddha Vaidyasala produces more than 400 Ayurveda
medicines and 100 Siddha medicines including proprietary medicines on a large
scale and markets them. Santhigiri medicines reach the hands of ultimate users
anywhere in the world through a well-organized network including online facilities, of
over 70 branches and more than thousand agencies and dealers. Medical Services
also made available to the society through a Siddha Medical College & Ayurveda
Medical College functioned under the Ashram.

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